A quicker step to develop miniapps

ifanr Cloud is an easy-to-use MiniApp development tool. It eliminates the tedious process of server setup, ICP recordal (Beian) and API design in the development process. Focus on your business logic and leave the rest to us.

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  • Application
  • Data
  • Payment
  • Content
  • Serverless cloud function
  • Lightweight SDK
  • Powerful Data Management Console
  • Turnkey solution for WeChat auth and WeChat Pay
  • Built-in CMS and CDN
Serverless cloud function
Cloud functions help you run code without purchasing and managing servers. You only need to write the core code and set the conditions for running the code before you can run the code automatically and safely on the ifanr cloud infrastructure.
  • Low cost of operation and maintenance

    Automatically run user code without configuring or managing servers, allowing users to focus on business innovation.

  • Low resource consumption

    Customers do not need to pay for idle resources or provide resources for computing and storage in advance. They only need to pay for the consumed resources when the code is running.

  • Expansion capability

    Cloud function can automatically scale up and down based on the amount of requests, without the need for any manual configuration. Regardless of how many daily requests from your application, cloud function can arrange reasonable computing resources automatically.

Lightweight SDK, one-click deployment
Its very small size, simple setup and speedy deployment make your miniapp "as light as a feather".
  • Very small size

    No need to worry about exceeding the 2 MB limit for miniapps

  • Simple access

    Achieve powerful features with a few lines of code. No need to learn the back-end logic and server operation and maintenance

  • Instant deployment

    One-click generate the SDK, easy deployment

ifanr Cloud

Powerful Data Management Console

We provide a comprehensive data management console that gives you the ability to adapt your data structure to business changes at any time.
  • Safe and reliable data storage and transmission

    Using 4096-bit RSA key exchange and at least 128-bit strong encryption algorithm to ensure the data in the public Internet and the transmissions in the data center are securely encrypted

  • One-stop data management

    Adding, deleting, modifying, and viewing content with full index support and visual query. It is easy to browse and manage data.

  • Personalized data services

    Use the administrative dashboard interface to easily customize the data format. You can also set up RBAC-based ACL permissions to have full control over the data input and output


Turnkey solution for WeChat auth and WeChat Pay

One-click authorize the association of a miniapp, 3 minutes quick access to WeChat Pay. It is efficient, stable and secure.
  • Speedy access

    You can easily initiate the WeChat Pay with wx.BaaS.pay().

  • Order management

    A quick order management administrative dashboard. You can screen, query and manage orders at any time with clear accounts

  • Instant transfer

    Your earning will arrive in your account in real time safe and fast, without the cumbersome cash withdrawal operation


Built-in CMS and CDN

Easy-to-use rich text editing, managing features combined with the SDK built-in WeChat miniapp rich text rendering engine, creating a powerful content production platform. Exquisite content typesetting templates will be launched soon.
  • Miniapp rich text rendering engine

    SDK built-in core module, the fastest miniapp rich text rendering solution

  • Content library classification management

    With the administrative dashboard interface, it is easy to organize and manage content, and combined with the access control, you can quickly achieve xiaomiquan, paid reading and other trendy features.

  • Built-in CDN

    Fast and secure content distribution, built-in CDN helps the content to reach users quickly

Faster, cheaper and simply better
Reduce your TCO and increase the efficiency.
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