Advantages & Features

Low cost of operation and maintenance

Running user code automatically, eliminating the need for user configuration or server management, helping you eliminate tedious maintenance and focus on business development and implementation.

Low resource consumption

Customers do not need to pay for idle resources or provide resources for computing and storage in advance, and only need to pay for the consumed resource when the code is running.

Expansion capability

Cloud function can automatically scale up and down based on the amount of requests, without the need for any manual configuration. It automatically arranges reasonable computing resources based on the number of requests.

Suitable for a wide range of applications

With a simple configuration, function calculations can be triggered through numerous event sources to achieve an unattended operation mode and improve the level of operation and maintenance.

Suitable application

Server logic

Developers use cloud functions to handle certain events when it is not suitable to write decision logic on the client, such as the lottery function, so as to ensure program security.


Some logic requires a large amount of data, or has a high computational cost (such as certain statistical aggregation requirements), therefore it is not suitable to perform calculations on mobile clients, as it uses a lot of network data and mobile computing power.

Access third-party services

Calling a third-party API in a cloud function and using it with triggers can provide perfect access to third-party services.

Get your MiniApp up and running with ifanr Cloud

To implement more complex business logics on MiniApps, such as automatic cancellation of orders, lottery and more, you only need to write a simple, single-purpose cloud function and associate it with events generated by other features (such as triggers, timed tasks).

Using cloud functions helps you complete the realization of all types of MiniApps on the market, which greatly reduces the cost of operation and maintenance. It rapidly implement features, but still has strong horizontal expansion capability.

Cloud function billing item pricing table
Resource usage (call time)GBs0.00069 Yuan/GB执行时间从代码开始执行的时间开始算起到其返回或终止为止,计量的粒度是 100 毫秒。(执行时间会被上舍入到最近的 100 毫秒。例如,函数执行了 1010 毫秒,会被当做 1100 毫秒计量)以 128 MB 内存配置为例,执行了 30 秒,则资源使用量 =0.128*30=3.84GBs
Number of calls10,000 times0.015 Yuan/1000 timesThe number of calls is the total number of calls to all functions
Public network output trafficGB1 Yuan/GBIf you request external network resources in the cloud function, it will use public network.
Other servicesReferenceOther usage chargesIf you use other ifanr Cloud services in your function, you will be charged for the service, such as calling the API operation data table inside the function
calculation of fees
The default configuration of the cloud function is as follows
Operating environmentCPURAMDiskNumber of concurrent operation
Node.js 8.90.5 core128 MB64 M10
Total Fees = Cost for the Number of Calls + Resource Consumption + Other Service Fees
Development tools
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