Cloud function billing item pricing table
Resource usage (call time)GBs0.00069 Yuan/GBThe execution time is calculated from the time the code begins execution to its return or termination. The granularity of measurement is 100 milliseconds (the execution time is rounded up to the nearest 100 milliseconds. For example, if a function executes 1010 milliseconds, it will be measured as 1100 Millisecond) Take the 128 MB memory configuration as an example. After 30 seconds of execution, the resource usage = 0.128*30=3.84GBs.
Number of calls10,000 times0.015 Yuan/1000 timesThe number of calls is the total number of calls to all functions
Public network output trafficGB1 Yuan/GBIf you request external network resources in the cloud function, it will use public network.
Other servicesReferenceOther usage chargesIf you use other ifanr Cloud services in your function, you will be charged for the service, such as calling the API operation data table inside the function
calculation of fees
The default configuration of the cloud function is as follows
Operating environmentCPURAMDiskNumber of concurrent operation
Node.js 120.5 core128 MB64 M100
Total Fees = Cost for the Number of Calls + Resource Consumption + Other Service Fees